Bringing families together since 1988!

NJSF is a non-profit organization serving Ocean & Southern Monmouth Counties. We offer members many low / no cost activities that promote family values through togetherness.


NJSF 24th Annual Gift Auction

April 16, 2016
NJ Shore Families (formerly The Mothers Center of the Jersey Shore) has been bringing communities and families together since 1988. Our non-profit organization gives families the opportunity to build long lasting relationships through social, educational and everyday opportunities. While we offer our members the opportunity to participate in affordable activities, we are much more than a playgroup. NJSF forges a bond within the community, whether it is through donations, volunteer work or everyday acts of kindness.


One of our most important objectives for NJSF is to instill some old fashion kindness into our children.  The simplest acts can make such a difference.... such as holding the door for someone, helping without being asked or just sharing kind words. Although these acts should be just a natural flow of life, we like to recognize these acts.  Mom & Dad can brag about these randoms acts of Kindness on our  Facebook page and every other month we randomly award our kindness bracelet with a small prize.

       "Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle"